Monday, October 24, 2011

Tryst with Trekking - Wallowing in the waters

We were in high spirits to wallow around like Hippos in the alluring waters of the Cauvery, so Muthu took us along pebbles and boulders along the river bank amidst exposed tree roots to an isolated spot along the Cauvery.
See the radiance on our faces after lunch... getting to the river
He identified a safe place where there would not be strong undercurrents and left us there to frolic in the waters while he went back for his lunch.
At the banks of the river Cauvery
We stripped and jumped into the water.

Muthu knew the place well, the water was shallow, there were no under currents and we could sit on rocks while being soaked against the gentler currents, the ripples and the waves.

There were rocks sticking up out of the river at many places, birds were standing tall and straight on them. There were flowering plants jutting up in between the rocks.

We saw folks going on their boats for white water rafting and we waved out to them.
Wallowing in the waters
The river was quite wide at that stretch, it was difficult to clearly see the other bank. The sun was warm in the sky, the water was cool and flowing, you can see the bottom of the river at places near the shore, there were fishes who nibbled at your feet at some places if you sit still, you can hear the water gurgling as it made small ripples and waves, it was pure bliss!!!
Manas doing a pedicure with the fishes
It was a great feeling to be there. And as Gandalf said, it was a "natural sauna".

 The water seemed therapeutic and we discussed a zillion things there, for instance, where we should go for our next trek, how the trek back to Bheemeswari will shape up, etc. etc.

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