Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tryst with Trekking - Checkpoint # 2

We walked for a good distance without taking breaks. The trek was nice after all that climbing. We walked on solitary trails, it seemed as if it had rained there some time as the ground was still moist and nature was in its best of colours and hues. Sometimes we walked in pairs and sometimes we had to walk in a single file.
Various moments of our trek to Checkpoint # 2
After walking for some distance, Muthu pointed out towards a watch tower which served as a view point to the valley below.

Climbing the Watch Tower

At the top of the Watch Tower
We climbed the watch tower and gazed at the valley below and the Cauvery flowing in the distance. It was a beautiful sight. 

View of Cauvery from the Watch Tower... Splendid!!!

We relaxed there for some time and took some photographs. 
On the Watch Tower
The grass was a hue of green we'd never seen before, in fact it reminded us of Russel Crowe parting the tall grasses as he walks towards his wife and son in the movie Gladiator.

After a halt of 30 odd minutes, we continued with our descent to Bheemeswari.

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