Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tryst with Trekking - The descent to Bheemeswari

After soaking in the view from the Watch Tower, we continued our descent through winding trails of stretches of pebbles, small rocks, and thorny branches jutting out into our trail. The descent was smooth amidst vibrant green grasses and trees. At times, it was quite a steep descent and we had to tread carefully just in case we lose our grip and slide down.
On our way down the hill to Bheemeswari
We spotted many mounds of elephant dung, elephant foot prints, etc. on the way. Often, Muthu would stop and signal while looking towards something, but we never spotted any animals. Muthu mentioned that because it was noon, the animals would not be coming out of their habitat to the open.

We continued to walk, Gandalf was using his staff while walking and there was a sprite in our steps as we knew we were about to reach Bheemeswari. Gandalf looked as if he is out on the infamous Dandi March.
Having fun on our way down the hill to Bheemeswari
I chanced upon a bright red insect sitting on a small flowering plant and I took a photograph. I thought this is nature at its best, the insect was not bothered at our presence.
Busy bee (???)
Muthu knew the trail very well, we had to take detours from the normal trail at times and after clearing a particular thick section of thorns and shrubs we came upon the main road leading to Bheemeswari.

A couple of monkeys were busy enjoying their afternoon nap along the main road and they got startled and ran away when Gandalf parted the thick bushes aside with his battle worn staff and we all strode out... 4 valiant knights... scarred in battle... fighting the jungle trail hitherto unknown before... and smiling triumphantly at the sight of our destination. The monkeys stood at rapt attention to welcome us and gave us our right of way. After all, who can stop the infantry when they have reached their destination?

The road sign said we were 5 kms. from Muthati, but we walked the hills for 7 kms.
5 kms from Muthati, well we didn't tread on the usual route, did we?
We walked for another 15 minutes or so along the main road and reached Bheemeswari. We were hungry, so our first halt was a place to have lunch. We decided to explore the Jungle Lodges Resort first.

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