Monday, October 24, 2011

Tryst with Trekking - Lunch at Bheemeswari

Bheemeswari is a small hamlet, there are no shops there, there is NOTHING, only a Forest Department run eating joint, the Jungle Lodges Resort and a templae with its music blaring loudly.

We wanted to have our lunch at JLR, so Gandalf trotted up to the resort's main gate and pushed it open with his staff. He then proceeded to do his typical attitude walk... heavy steps... shoulders hunched from the long weary battle... glancing around taking everything in his stride... never missing anything... and his eyes menacingly saying "Don't f - - k with me!"

He proudly walked up to the Reception and thundered to be taken to the Restaurant.

The staff asked for our cottage number and Gandalf gave him the "once over" as if how dare he not recognize from where he is coming from, and how dare he not recognize the scars on his body from the long arduous jugle trek.

Upon finding out that we were outsiders and not staying in the resort, the grim faced staff told us in very polite terms "No Chance!!!".

What a bum... he said we cannot have our lunch there since we were not staying in the resort... the lunch is only for the residents it seems... so we retraced back our steps to the eating joint run by the Forest Department.
Waiting for lunch at the Forest Department run eating place
The folks there were "customer service" personified, there can not be any second thoughts about this at all. They were kind enough to serve us lunch comprising of rice, rasam, chicken curry, curd, pickle and cucumber salad.. all under the open roof on make shift bamboo benches.
Ready for lunch
I tell you this, in full "hosh", and we all agreed unanimously, that was the best lunch we ever had in our lives.

Words of advice to others
  1. Carry your lunch with you. There is no guarantee that you'll get lunch in Bheemeswari if you NOT fortunate. We were plain fortunate. Also Gandalf's amazing persuasive skills ensured we got to eat that afternoon, I was already looking at trekking back on an empty stomach.
  2. Carry your own water bottles. There were no bottled water available, so we'd to drink the water available there.
After a sumptuous lunch, we were ready for wallowing around in the waters. So we called out for Muthu.

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