Friday, October 7, 2011

Tryst with Trekking - The Trekking Day

We all met at Arvind's Cafe Americain on Wednesday night. Bags packed and ready!!!

The usual merry making followed and we retired early, 1 AM is early as per our standards to wind up for the day especially when the next day is a holiday. But we had to get up early in the morning, so we had to sleep early. All of us had to cajole and push Arvind to sleep.

Our mobile alarms went off at 5 AM and were duly snoozed till 5:30 AM. There were hilarious episodes in between reflecting the various quirks that people have, but I will cover them in another post. Reji switched off the fan in Arvind's room and he got up in the process thinking there was a power cut. What a bum :-)

We finally managed to goad each other out of home and we were on the road at 7 AM.
Manas and Arvind about to get into the Verna near Arvind's home

Manas drove and we took the intermediate ring road, reached Koramangala and decided to have breakfast there. Searching for a breakfast place at 7:15 AM was not easy, so Reji took over as he is a veteran of the Koramangala Area, we first went to Shiv Sagar, but there were no "vadas" at that time of the morning and Arvind was quite interested to have "vadas". So we walked to Kamat and had Idli Vada dipped in Sambar, some Kesari Bath, sipped on piping hot coffee and we were back in the car.

Reji navigated the route to Dairy Circle and we drove through J P Nagar, got on to Kanakapura Road and after clearing the narrow roads (due to the Metro work) we were on the highway to Kanakapura.

The road was good, the drive and the driver were great, Reji and I were good co-passengers and that is when Arvind started feeling queasy in his stomach. Given his history of motion sickness and soiling the car's insides and the paint on the outside, Manas slowed down and we were driving at around 60 kmph on the highway. We crossed Kanakapura and stopped at a roadside shop for some chai.

Stopping for some "chai" after Kanakapura, (L-R) Manas, Arvind and Reji

Arvind was carrying a pillow with him (did I mention "quirks" before?), so he took his pillow out to catch some quick winks on one of the benches put there.

Arvind catching his forty winks, see the pillow he carried for moments like this...

After chai, Reji took over the wheels of the Verna and we were back on the road. We reached Sathanur after driving for some distance. We'd have missed taking the left there had it not been for our vigilant Arvind looking out through the window.

After taking the left at Sathanur we passed through the village and saw a traffic jam of a different kind - cows and sheep on the road blocking traffic on the narrow road, there was also a bus stopping on the wrong side of the road while the driver was buying vegetables sitting in his seat.
You can't honk at these traffic jams on the road to Muthati

The nice smell of cow dung and the fresh village air wafted in through the open windows and we relished each moment of the solitary road to Muthati.

Another interesting thing to note is, on the narrow roads of Sathanur, the City Busses would allow the cars to pass which we thought was a very noble gesture of not holding up traffic. Hats off to the bus drivers there!!!

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