Friday, October 7, 2011

Tryst with Trekking - Drafting out the Schedule

This is the email I sent to the group after almost finalizing the Trekking plan

From: Prashant Dash
Sent: Monday, October 03, 2011 12:52 PM
To: 'ARVIND; Sarangi, Manas R;Reji GMail; Reji Office
Subject: RE: Muthatti Trekking - Dangers

Don’t know ifReji is in town or not. Reji, can you confirm you are listening to thischannel? Including your MaxBupa ID to this since the previous emails to yourGmail ID did not elicit any response.

Arvind, youneed to lure Reji into these conversations, so please get your act right,solicit his response by providing some illicit material.

As discussedy’day, we’ll meet up at Arvind’s CafĂ© Americain on Wednesday 05/Oct night for apeg or two of Black Label (that I so graciously donated to the cause of ourfirst ever trek looking realistic) and retire early for the night. Allnocturnal activities will cease early to enable a fresh start the next day.

We’ll start at6 AM on Thursday 06/Oct. We should reach Muthatti by 10 AM including stoppingfor breakfast and other breaks (bio, smoke, etc.).

Aim is to reachBheemeshwari by lunch time and have lunch at JLR if possible. Unwind for sometime on the banks of Cauvery (while watching out for nasty crocs) and thenstart trekking back at 3 PM to reach Muthatti before sunset. Find a lodgingplace for the night in and around Muthati and raise a toast to our firsttrekking adventure after picking up some drinks on the way.

Arvind,remember we are going to Bheemeshwari, not to Gomateswari or Madanaswari orMateswari or Komalaswari or any other belle’s names. Remember this name please,in case you are lost after a croc chase you should ask directions from peopleafter telling them the correct name.

We’ll take 1car. Manas can you get your car? I don’t trust my car since I’m not driving itthese days. Y’day I saw one of the tyres was almost flat and I won’t have timeto service it before we leave. Please stack up some good music to listen on theway.

Y’day therewere some voices of dissent on when we should start from B’lore and stuff.Please remember, mutiny is treason and will be crushed with an iron fist. Wewill also look at other options for the mutineers such as “desertion duringtrekking”, “feeding the mutineer to crocodiles”, etc. etc.

This alsoimplies we should wake up at 5 AM or so on Thursday 06/Oct and cater to ourdaily ablutions. Dispelling our body gasses is 100% compulsory prior to gettinginside the car. No flatulence will be tolerated inside the car or closedspaces, such acts will be viewed in the same light as treason and subjected tothe above options of dealing with mutineers.

Any comments?




To which Arvind replied as follows:

From: Arvind Swarup
Sent: Monday, October 03, 2011 2:02 PM
To: Prashant Dash; Sarangi, Manas R;Reji GMail; Reji Office
Subject: Re: Muthatti Trekking - Dangers

I protest vociferously to such kindof autocratic behaviour. All this is entirely a direct descendant of being pamperedat home with honorofic titles like Bhai Anna and such and being thebully-in-chief because of position and seniority at work. But once everywhileyou do come across one one you shouldn't try to trample on and therein shallone meet one's comeuppance. We are on a pleasure trek and I shall not betricked into any kind of regimental schedule. The whole mail comes across somekind of schedule Nana Patekar subjects his team to in Prahaar. I herewith amfloating an alternate plan. We start at 7am. Reach Muthati. Breakfast et. al.On the way. Trek to Bhagmati. Eat. Find private transportation back to Muthati.Search for lodging. Drink. Wake up late the next day and drive back. Drink somemore once we reach Arvind's Cafe Americano. Only part I agree without questionis on the rule of no breaking wind in the car. Such acts should be treated withutmost severity.


Some more email exchanges

From: Reji Office
Sent: Wednesday, October 05, 2011 1:48 PM
Arvind Swarup;Manas R; Prashant Dash
Subject: Re: Muthatti Trekking - Dangers
Good one.

Agree partially with arvind.

Let's loosen up and go. No rules

FromArvind Swarup 
Manas RReji Office; Prashant Dash
Sent: Wed Oct 05 13:18:10 2011
Subject: Re: Muthatti Trekking - Dangers
This rate, you will end up adding a wife also along. You plan to anyway lug your entire house along, why leave the wives.
Sent on my BlackBerry® from Vodafone

From: Manas R
Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2011 13:12:11 +0530
To: Manas RReji Office; Prashant Dash;
Subject: RE: Muthatti Trekking - Dangers
Please add Mobile charger to the list.

From: Manas R
Sent: Monday, October 03, 2011 1:44 PM
Reji Office; Prashant Dash; Arvind Swarup
Subject: RE: Muthatti Trekking - Dangers
Checklist (in no particular order)
1. Backpack (of course)
2. All terrain hiking boots (anything with good grip)
3. Cotton socks (absorbs the sweat while walking long distance)
4. Change of clothes
5. Towel
6. Torch - two torches will suffice for 4 people
7. Insect repellant cream (odomos) - Manas will get. Will suffice for all
8. Wear shorts and cotton t-shirt for the trek
9. Swiss knife - whoever has one, get it
10. Camera - Prashant will get
11. Water bottle - each person carry 1
12. Sunblock cream - whoever has one, get it
13. First aid kit - if no one has, we will make a kit
14. Snack bars - 4/5 bars each person
15. Toothpaste and brush
16. A bottle of Gatorade - each person carry 1
17. Binoculars (if anyone has one)
Please add to the list if you think of anything else.

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