Friday, October 7, 2011

Tryst with Trekking - The Prelude

4 months ago we made a tryst with our lifestyle around my birthday. During the course of Reji's, Manas' and Arvind's birthday in October, we should get out of our couchpotato ridden lifestyle of meeting up in weekends for some drinks and dinner, and instead we should go on to explore the outdoors, go on treks, see some nature, soak in some fresh air and get to know some hitherto unknown muscles that we may have left in our bodies as some of us approached and some of us crossed our middle ages.

And we promised to have at least one such trekking adventure before mid Oct/2011.

Call it a decision made in a drunken stupor or a moment of stupidness, but a decision had been made and we needed to be men enough to stand up to it.

Our plans were met with the usual ridicule from our well wishers given how much we have stuck to our plans & decisions in the past. This egged us on to be more determined, because now our own egos were in the picture, we have to show others that we are not "duffers" or "duds" or like those "empty vessels" who make more noise. After some months of silence over this topic, the search started on where we should go for trekking. It was not easy to go where the "trekkers" go as we were all novices in this area, so we searched for something that would not be too difficult nor too easy.

And, to top it all, there were the usual deliberations, the postponement of dates because of our work schedules, travel schedules etc., and the usual laziness that we are so famously identified with, never left us with any room for serious discussions.

After much searching and researching, reading reviews and getting opinions, we finally decided to redeem our pledge, not partially or substantially, but wholly and in full measure on 06/Oct/2011.

There were many factors which influenced this date and some people would like to take credit for arriving at this date, so duly acknowledge them in this post. A sincere Thank You!!!

At the early light of dawn when we would have otherwise slept in our comfortable beds as in any other day, we planned to wake up early to redeem our pledge and head to Muthati to trek down to Bheemeswari and back. A trekking distance of 5 kilometres each way along the Cauvery, at least this is what the websites said.

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