Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tryst with Trekking - Checkpoint # 1

We were pretty exhausted when we sat our miserable selves down on the ground. We were the only ones on that trail, we did not cross any other group trekking on the same trail. This was very exciting.
(L-R): Me, Arvind (Gandalf) and Manas getting some rest
We did some soul searching while sitting under a tree, like Gautham Buddha did under a Bodhi tree and we decided to pursue the trekking bit seriously in our lives.

We made plans of our next trek and how we need to do some things outside of our work and family lives. We all should be able to answer the question of "What we do other than work"!!!

Just then, Gandalf came up with his wise comment on how we should not start revelling on completing this particular trek while we have not even completed one leg of the trek. We checked with Muthu on how far we have come and how much more distance we have to go further. 

It seemed that we have come for 3 kms and we still have 4 more to go before we reach Bheemeswari. WOW, some encouraging news that was!!!
Birds perched on the top of a tree against a perfect background
We sipped some water, took some photographs of the birds and the bees and the trees. Gandalf then decided to catch some quick winks while Muthu was busy in sharpening his sickle on some rock.

We are all smiles after the brief rest of around 30 minutes
We continued after some time and this time the trek was over plain trails and some easy slopes. We marvelled at the greenery and how there was no other soul in sight except the 5 of us walking on the trail. 

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